Join Us for Our Annual

Missions Conference

Mission: America

March 6-9, 2016

Featuring Jeremy Stephens from the Underground in Tampa

Bob and Ellen Hargrave with Africa Inland Mission and Echo

Roger Gannam from the Liberty Counsel

Sunday School 9:15am our pastors will lead a discussion on being a prophetic minority in a pluralistic majority

Worship Service 10:45am- Jeremy Stephens

Singing and Fellowship 6pm with the Hargrave and Stephens Families

Monday 6pm Cookout with Bob and Ellen Hargrave sharing from AIM/ECHO News and Updates

Tuesday 6:30pm God’s NOT Dead Movie

Wednesday 6pm closing banquet followed by Roger Gannam of the Liberty Counsel

Feet are usually not considered one of the more attractive parts of the body, but when they come bearing the saving message of Jesus Christ, perhaps nothing is more beautiful.

Ever since Adam and Eve sinned, God has taken it upon himself to fix the relationship that was severed between him and us.  That work is what is known as the missio dei or mission of God.  Jesus’ life and death provides the only potential for reconciliation of that broken relationship.  And he has given the message of reconciliation to us, who in turn must proclaim it to others.  We take the message and the mission very seriously here at Faith Community by sending out missionaries from within  our community and supporting missionaries from the Body of Christ outside our immediate fellowship.

Our missionaries:

Jim and Peggy Herndon

Roy and Darla Oksnevad

Bruce and Karen Duell

Mike and Nancy Elwood

Jim and Laura Propst